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Speedgolf is a fun, fast, alternative to traditional golf. This event is over 9 holes.

You can play 9 holes in as little as 30 minutes to an hour by jogging between shots. The challenge is to balance your running pace with your ability to play your best golf and  get the lowest score possible. You don’t have to RUN! The winner will achieve the lowest total of shots combined with the time taken to play your round.  Shooting a round of 50 in 45  minutes and 31 seconds would mean your score of 95:31

We are inviting 100 players, 50 for each charity, to come along and give Speedgolf a go, whilst at the same time raising a minimum of £100 for your chosen charity. As you sign up, we will ask about your fitness and golfing prowess, with better, faster golfers teeing off first.

The winner, with the lowest combined score, will be offered the opportunity of a single putt of 60′ to win £5,000

Royal Marines Charity Speed Golf

Be one of 50 players raising at least £100 for the Royal Marines Charity

The Rosemary Foundation Speed Golf

Be one of 50 players raising at least £100 for the Rosemary Foundation

Charity Speed Golf - What You Need to Know

Sun 8 September 2019 at Petersfield South Course

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Charity events such as this are rarely successful without the support and philanthropy of individuals and businesses.  There are Insurance and Health & Safety costs. Course costs, costs for the Hole in One and the Winners Putt (both covered by insurance), the PA, the catering, the medical cover.  All this is putting the event on, before the cost of attracting participants and marshals (marketing) etc etc. 
However, if the 50 participants all raise just the minimum £100 we require of them, then we will cover half a nurse for the Rosemary Foundation and the average cost of PTSD counselling for a Royal Marines traumatised by operation service. 

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What people says about

  • We are delighted that Robin has agreed to put on this Charity Speed Golf event, where RMA – The Royal Marines Charity is one of the principle beneficiaries.  Robin has organised a number of events on our behalf and worked closely with the Charity for a number of years, laying on several innovative and challenging events that have always raised significant contribution to our ongoing need for funds.  As ever a pleasure to work with him
    Yvonne Campbell
    Community Fundraising Manager
    RMA - The Royal Marines Charity
  • I am delighted that over several years now, Robin has been a supporter of The Rosemary Foundation, and organised a number of events that have allowed us to raise more than £20,000 over that period, which has made a real difference to the help we provide to those needing our services.  We were therefore delighted when Robin asked if we’d like to be one of the two charities to benefit from Petersfield’s inaugural Speed Golf event.
    Jeremy Mitchell
    General Manager
    The Rosemary Foundation